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Some New Sketches

Not sure what to do with this blog any more, but here are some recent sketches. Trying to get going on a new story, but at least keeping in the habit of drawing every day.


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The Summer Is Now

Or, I should say, the summer starts Saturday, when I graduate from the Center for Cartoon Studies! “Good times.” Here are two things you should know now:

Between this blog and The Cartoon Picayune blog, I’m all blogged-out. In two days, I will be “entering the world” and for the first time in many years, not returning to an academic institution in the fall. Because of this “turning point,” I’m putting this blog on hiatus for summer, and replacing it with a weekly email list that you can sign up for here.

I think it’ll be a little more informal, and I hope it’ll allow me to honestly address the changes in my life as they come in a more ephemeral format. And yes, there will pictures. I’m just gonna give it a try this summer, and we’ll see what’s what come fall.

Also, I’m very excited excited to share the Thesis Senior Showcase blog, which will feature the art of the Class of 2011 and hopefully make us more visible. There’s gonna be a lot of excellent work posted on here daily, so I hope you’ll check back often throughout the summer. We’ll already getting some love and I think it’s going to be really good.

So thanks, and have a good summer! If you wanna hear from me, these three options are pretty good, but this blog will be quiet.

Sign up for the email list.

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A Tour of My CCS Thesis

Here they are! I created 8 packages for the thesis committee, my advisor, the library, etc. But what’s inside? So you turn one over and take out the flap…

…and what do you see as you open the flaps?

Aha! And what books are these, secured inside?

Well, that on the left, of course, is The Cartoon Picayune #1, available for $3 on That’s the bulkiest, weighing in at 40 pages. The blue guy is Part two of my ski story, Fly By Night. None of that is on the internet to read, yet. The cheese story with the die-cut is the newly repackaged One Place, One Cheese. Finally, there’s an appendix on how I’ve done my reporting. I’m very pleased with how everything came out, and I think the red, blue, yellow thing came off better than I could have hoped. My year may be nearly done, but there are exciting things to come, sooner than later.

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Remembering Salamandastron

Well some of my friends have been posting tributes to Brian Jacques, and I can’t really not join in. Here’s a painting of the cover of my favorite of his books.

I don’t know, something about badgers protecting their treasures in a mountain sure caught my imagination in elementary school. I also remember really loving this cover as a kid. I think as children, when we’re least likely to understand the technical qualities of the art we like, we especially appreciate what strikes us as sublime. But maybe that’s for another conversation.

On a technical note, I’m trying to apply recent things I’ve learned about watercolors/colored inks/ink washes/opaque white here as well as theory about color value from my prof. Alec Longstreth. I still have some things to learn for sure, but it’s getting more fun, which is probably a good sign.

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Three Kinds of Color

I print the bulk of my comics, and I can only afford black and white most of the time. But I love color, who doesn’t? Recently, I’ve been messing around with different strategies and tools for coloring. I wouldn’t say I’m good at any of them, but maybe I’m approaching “not bad” status on one or two as I get more practice.

Here’s a watercolor based on a picture from The Sartorialist:

Pretty straightforward. Vanessa Davis‘ trick is to always add a little purple to jeans. Here’s a drawing with bombay colored inks (and black india ink) almost all straight out of the bottle with a dip pen:

Finally, there’s computer color, which I recently used for a newspaper piece that you can read here. Each method has its own advantages, as well as challenges, but I look forward to working more in each and not really nailing down a personal “coloring style” any time soon.

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The Pacific Northwest

I went there. Here are some pictures. More soon.

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Reporting Projects Abound!

Hey there true believers! I’ve been messing around with colored India ink. It’s really fun stuff, and I’m really happy to be able to apply color with a dip pen. If you add water it’s like watercolor. If you add brush-on white-out it’s like gauche. Anyway, here are some drawings I did of each of the subjects I’m working on currently.

Highest priority for me right now is a 22-page story about apple cider. It’s a profile piece about a local orchardist and his struggle to keep his New England farm financially viable in the 21st Century. This story is more quiet and poetic than the kind I’ve told before, and I think it’s coming out nicely. I really enjoyed researching on the finer details of apple growing.

I’m also working on a story about ski jumping. People actually do this winter sport here in the Upper Valley. I’m going to follow local high-schoolers through their season this winter. New jumpers will take to the hills for the first time and seasoned upperclassmen will aspire to find glory at the State Championships this February.

Finally, on the periphery right now is a freelance job for a local paper (my first!). They want a page on the parenting challenges inherent to ice fishing. As I find out more about it, the potential for a longer story is obvious. I wonder how long I’d actually be willing to wait out on the ice while the mercury freezes in the bottom of the thermometer. And while I might not be able to go out there to be on deadline for this story, I think I’d like to go watch it once this season.

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