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Well, I’m back to school after last weekend’s adventure in New York at MoCCA fest (a big indie comic convention). Here’s me with table-mates Beth, Pat, and Ben, who really could not be better people to stand next to all day. (I’m the left-most beardo.) Lemme tell ya, reader, that it sure is humbling to try and sell your stuff at one of these big shows. It’s one thing to stand up all day and sell things, which isn’t that strange for me, but when it’s your art, the thing you spent hours and hours on, it can be rough. I’m sure gallery shows and books signings can be exhausting, but when you can’t push a piece of your soul into strangers’ hands for $3, it can wear on you a bit. If that seems cynical, don’t worry, I really did have a good show! I had a fun time showing people my new pride and joy:

This comic is 32 pages of my black and white journalistic comics and a pretty good product all together if I do say so myself. It can, by the way, be yours for $3 plus another dollar for shipping over here. I’m nearly sold out of the first run already and I haven’t even turned in my thesis!

Briefly, I’ll say that things have been humming along here and I’m in great spirits having completed penciling, which can feel like pulling blood from stone. Inking has a wonderful instant gratification that I miss when I’m not doing it. We also just had a fantastic two-day writing workshop with Lynda Barry, which has renewed the town’s energy level. And it’s warm again! So, in what I think is becoming a tradition around here, I leave you with this:

Thanks to Beth Laura for the picture at top.


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