New Comics and Post #200

January 4, 2011 at 12:50 am 1 comment

First, I just wanted to alert you to the posting of the first nine pages of my new comics story, Bittersweets and Bittersharps, (part one, two, and three) on After Sunday there’ll be even more comics there, and in color!

Also, this will be my two-hundredth post on the old Josh Kramer Blog. Three and a half years of my life are semi-regularly represented here, including these posts that for some reason have become the most trafficked parts of this site:

1. Russian Tattoos in Eastern Promises — I really don’t know why this is so popular. I guess it speaks to the power of meta-tags and writing about something super specific. If you’re one of the only writers about something, you can be close to the first hit on google. Total: 7,408 views

2. An Open Letter to the Fans of “Hancock” (Spoilers) — I guess I just wrote this post at time when it was popular to shit all over this movie and I got linked somewhere. Goes to show that the posts you toss off with the least forethought can sometimes turn out to be most popular. Total: 3,566 views

3. Tempio Maggiore di Roma (The Great Synagogue of Rome) — This kind of thing is perhaps this blog at its best. The post isn’t intensely reported journalism or anything, but it is fueled by intense and sincere interest on my part. What surprised me the most was that multiple pushy older Jews tried to get me to facilitate their visits to this place in the comments (no, not my Uncle). Total: 1,586 views

4. Arnulfo Is a Real Name of Someone Who Speaks Spanish — Probably my favorite post on the blog. This is a funny story with the best business card ever as an artifact to it. I was probably too hard on Doc, who I haven’t even seen since high school and I remember as being and excellent teacher, but I love that the comments section is still active and fiery. Total: 1,199 views


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