The Beef Steak Calendars Are Here!

November 13, 2010 at 3:30 am Leave a comment

Yes, the calendars have arrived, and they are in b-e-a-utiful color. I really recommend Moxi Copy — great price, great quality. We just could not have afforded to print this calendar here at the school or even at a local copy shop.

Canto was nice enough to gather up links, which I will reproduce here:

“Each month in the Beefsteak calendar is lovingly illustrated with a collaborative piece of all-new color artwork by a disgusting number of talented individuals: Rio and Yours truly (Canto), Pat Barrett and Jesse Mead, Kevin Uehlein and Ben HorakCasey Bohn and Tom Casteel, Jai “Effin’ Canadian” Granofsky and MontyNick Patten and Carl MefferdAndy Warner and BillageRandall Drew and Dakota McFadzeanCat Garza and Jon FineJosh Kramer and Jan Burger, Max Mose and Paul Swartz, and last but only least in terms of free testosterone, Katie Moody and Melanie Gillman. (Damn, that was a lot of links.)”

Yes, it was. Thanks! If you’re gonna look at one, I say click on Kevin’s name. Pricing is $6/$7 (w/shipping) or $10/$12 with the ladies calendar. Email me to buy one.

In other news, I’m starting to draw another big comic, which I’ve got up on my wall. I’ll be retaking this picture as I post over the next month. It’s taken me a while to do all the researching, reporting, writing, and thumbnailing, but now I’m actually drawing. Fingers crossed for having pencils mostly done by Thanksgiving.

Finally, I’ve been filling, with more content. I don’t think I’ll begin blogging on there until December, but if you like what I’m doing here, I’d really appreciate you signing up your email address to keep up with the other site, which will kind of become my creative life after CCS. Emails will be infrequent, and funny!


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