Back At Home: Organizing Comics

December 21, 2007 at 12:01 am Leave a comment

So, I’m back home, and I finally did what I’ve wanted to do for a really long time, organize all of my comics. Several times I thought I had finished, only to realize that some were still noticeably absent, forcing me to tear through my room looking for another magazine box. In all, there were about 35 titles, from seven magazine boxes.

Also, I loved seeing all the covers again. I’m always shocked I have so much Green Lantern. (That’s the huge pile). My Dad grew up helping at his dad’s newspaper stand, reading all the comics for free. He was talking about one today he couldn’t remember the name of, featuring a little girl “who always had to wear polka dots.” Anyone have any clue? Anyway, my scanner at home is pretty good, so I thought I’d post some of my favorite covers. Click on any for a bigger view.

“Luke Cage, Hero For Hire” was a Marvel comic at the height of blaxploitation. It’s really hilarious and self-aware. Also, I love how characters talk to each other on old covers. Pretty good. Whatever happened to Luke Cage? Looks pretty intense here.

War Machine is kind of like Marvel’s version of Steel. Instead of being the main hero (in this case Iron Man), a black man uses a metal suit to enhance himself. What’s cool about this issue is that Jim Rhodes is using the War Machine armor on behalf of his “Worldwatch,” which is basically an NGO that exposes human rights violations. Pretty tight.

This is kind of a departure from the two above comics with Black superheroes. Fables operates that all fairy tale characters had to leave their homelands because of a terrible emperor taking over and as a result…they all live in NYC secretly. It’s pretty great, and the covers are always amazing. Here’s the North Wind. I mean, this illustration and type treatment are pretty hard to beat.

Anyway, do any of them look particularly interesting? If anyone wants, I’ll scan in the whole thing.


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