Experiments in Hand-drawn Type

October 9, 2007 at 12:56 am Leave a comment

So, ever since I wrote this post, for the Dovecote, the literary journal I find myself designing and helping to edit, I’ve been practicing with hand-drawn type. I’ll say that it’s a nice break from the frustration I find when I try to draw. With drawing, I usually get frustrated quickly at the lack of resemblance between the subject and my rendering of it, but type is instantly rewarded and equally experimental. It’s fun, quick, and definitely something to just sit and do while I think about other things or relax. Here and some things I’ve been working with. As always, you can see bigger ones on my flickr.

I was going to do more with this, but I kind of liked the simplicity of it after I inked it. I did this with the French sport/art in mind. Apparently I spelled it wrong, but that’s a theme in my life.

We just watched the Little Mermaid. I don’t mind thinking about it as pebbles or bubbles; works for me. I really like this, especially that no letter is ever the same.

I spelled shadow wrong, so I just left it. This one is actually the third or so version of this ‘face and it’s still kind of sketchy, but I really think there’s potential here. I think next time I’ll actually draw in the baseline so it doesn’t look all over the place. Also, I meant to finish it with “wn dog,” because that phrase is a pangram, or one that contains every letter of the English alphabet.

I’ve been drawing shapes and doodles like this for a long time, but this is first time it occurred to me to make one in the shape of a letter. It’s actually one closed shape that doesn’t really start or end and I think it looks really organic. Might be perfect for my roomates’ new grindcore band?


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