Live Blogging the VMAs

September 9, 2007 at 9:02 pm 1 comment

Here’s my minute to minute recap of the Video Music Awards on MTV. I thought it might be funny to try live-bloggin’.

9:01: Slow, pudgy Britney with fake hair. How…disgusting. This is really the best way to begin anything?
9:03: 50-cent looks disturbed. Appropriately.
9:04: Sarah Silverman immediately undermines Britney. References Python. “Have you seen Britney’s kids? They are the cutest mistakes you will ever see. As cute as the hairless vagina they came out of.” Is she even hosting?
9:09 Alicia Keys? Unlike the VMAs, you can read this post again and again.
9:10 I want to be at the Justin Timberlake party, not the Pete Wentz party.
9:12 Several good selections for Mega-hit, rooting for T-Payne Pain. It was Rihanna. Thank God.
9:14 If Daft Punk are actually in that room with Kanye, I can’t think of a more orgasmic place to be right now. DJs are actually cool, thanks MTV.
9:21 Seth Rogen looks great in that beard. I don’t like text voting.
9:23 Quadruple threat? Could have guessed Bono. JT deserves this. And he wins, at his own party. Tight.
9:26 Do we have more of these Fall Out Boy “performances” to look forward to?
9:31 Dave Grohl is back to long hair. YES
9:33 Fiddy is much taller than Kayne. They almost kissed, you could feel it. Who knew? Also, what about Usher and Kells?
9:35 Is Beyonce preggers? Why is Shakira in Canada?

click below the fold for more of my live blogging…

9:41 I’m gonna start putting in spaces for commercials. Who’s rapping? I like how no one is hosting.
9:43 I’ve never heard of Chris Brown before. I like where this is going. His dancing really is great. And those tables are nutz.
9:47 This is turning out excellently. Rhianna. Diddy liked it.

9:56 Best Male Artist? JT. This is his comeback year. I was right
9:58 “Whatever Chris Brown just did reminds me that I’m getting older. Cause’…Damn.”
9:59 Cee-lo with the Foos playing Prince. That’s tight.

10:04 Fiddy sounds terrible. But at least he’s not lip-syncing
10:07 The mustache was a mistake
10:08 That was really awkward
10:09 I think T-Pain has a vocoder in his throat. Best surgical procedure ever.

10:18 What a disaster. >Maestro Timbaland.
10:25 FUCK! This is great. Holiday in Cambodia cuts out right before the chorus! Sucks

10:33 Nice beer Nelly

10:44 When’s the last time they gave out an award?
10:46 I voted for PB&J. I hope they win.
10:47 Whoops. Gym Class Heroes.

10:56 Mary J. Blige is too much. Making way too much out of Snoop Dog Dr. Dre. Seriously
10:58 I don’t know which video it should be.
10:59 Should have been Justice.

I’m done live-bloggin’. I don’t feel like writing any more. There’s been some good moments though.


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  • 1. annierebekah  |  September 12, 2007 at 1:17 am

    re: britney


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