What Next For Harry and the Potters?

August 18, 2007 at 11:48 pm Leave a comment

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing Harry and the Potters, perhaps you’ve wondered what I wondered recently: Now that the book series is done, what will happen to this band? If you’re not familiar, perhaps you deserve a little explanation. Harry and the Potters is a band made up of brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge who tour around the country with an entourage of friends performing awesome rock songs they’ve written about the books. They’re really awesome and incredibly sincere. I had an amazing night with them when they played AU and stayed overnight in my house. We went to Ben’s Chili because it’s Paul’s favorite Chilidog (he would know, he has a hotdog blog) and I was struck at how much everyone in the group was just all about having good clean rockin’ fun.

But what now? The books are done. Probably, and hopefully, there won’t be any more in the series. Paul has this to say:

I even had the honor of serving as a keynote speaker on a panel of experts discussing the future of the Harry Potter fandom and it’s creative output now that the series has concluded. I’m happy to report that everyone had a really positive outlook on the future. From now on, Harry Potter is what we make of it. We’re free to continue to make awesome music and art, to throw killer parties, to maintain our incredible friendships, to do cool things in our communities, and to continue fighting in real-world Dumbledore’s Armies like the Harry Potter Alliance. As we go forth, we pledge to make the world a better place, to never fail our friends, and to do our best to make JK Rowling proud. She’s given us so much joy and happiness, and it is our responsibility to continue to spread that throughout our world. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. Let’s do this!

Pretty inspiring. I hope that they make it to DC again soon.

photo courtesy of Emily Barnett via facebook


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